About Us

Edusoft Ltd. is a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services (ETS) — the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization, and the maker of the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests. Edusoft is a global leader in technology-based English Language Learning and Assessment Solutions, serving a range of educational, government, and corporate sectors in over 30 countries worldwide.

With more than 25 years of expertise in the field, Edusoft specializes in comprehensive large- and small-scale blended learning solutions, based on the latest interactive technology and field-proven pedagogical approaches.

Commitment to a hands-on approach

Edusoft’s team of pedagogical, sales, service implementation, project management, technology, and marketing experts are all dedicated to ensuring the maximum success of every project, from start to finish. Edusoft is not only there to lay the foundation of projects, but to provide support every step of the way.

Edusoft’s hands-on approach and customizable solutions ensure that the precise needs of clients are met. Edusoft’s decades of experience in digital learning, pedagogical expertise, and unparalleled service provide the most effective English Language Learning and Assessment Solutions available today.


To deliver effective, technology-based, English Language Learning and Assessment Solutions to the international market through the use of blended and distance learning, proven methodologies, and state-of-the-art technology.

Edusoft’s Management Team

Edusoft’s ever-increasing global success can be attributed to its proven management excellence, plus the combined expertise of international specialists in education, technology, product development, marketing, project management, and business. Edusoft’s management team shares over 10 years of collaboration, and carries with it over 50 years of combined experience in technological and educational industries.

Rafi Moran President & CEO

As President and CEO at Edusoft, Rafi leads the company in achieving its mission, while ensuring the company’s values are adhered to every step of the way. Under Rafi’s leadership, he has succeeded in developing and pushing forward Edusoft’s strategy and business objectives. Rafi leads the team, ensuring that Edusoft is able to deliver and further develop unique, advanced, dependable educational solutions built on the collective acquired knowledge of the Edusoft team. During Rafi’s time as CEO, Edusoft has seen a consistent year-over-year growth. In addition, he has driven Edusoft into the position of a major player in the world of technology-based solutions for English Language Learning, while continuing to strengthen and differentiate Edusoft’s offering worldwide.

Rafi led ETS’s acquisition of Edusoft, and is responsible for all synergy between the two companies. Rafi joined Edusoft in 2000 as the company’s Sales Director, and shortly after was appointed Vice President of Marketing. Rafi has held the position of President and CEO since 2008.

Prior to Edusoft, Rafi led R&D projects in the field of helicopter mechanical systems. Rafi holds a B.Sc. in mechanical and aeronautical engineering.

Hernan Garber Executive Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

As Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Hernan is responsible for developing the strategy necessary to achieve Edusoft’s mission. Hernan oversees product management, marketing, and business development in the company. Following the company’s acquisition by ETS, Hernan has led all joint business development activities between these two companies. He was instrumental in leading the company’s transition to a new methodological business approach based on Learning and Assessment. This approach has been materialized with the acquisition of strategic long-term deals.

Hernan, together with his marketing team, are responsible for defining the product specifications for all new product development, as well as marketing strategy and execution.

Hernan has been with Edusoft since 1994. In his previous role in the company, Hernan was Vice President of R&D for seven years where he led the development of Edusoft’s flagship product English Discoveries Online.

Hernan earned his M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and holds a B.A. in Political Science and Management.

Uri Heiman Vice President, Sales & Implementation

As Vice President of Sales and Implementation, Uri is responsible for developing strategic sales plans based on Edusoft’s mission in order to promote business growth. Uri oversees the sales, pedagogical implementation, technical support, and account management teams. Uri, together with his sales team, have been vital in ensuring continuous year-over-year growth for Edusoft, while continuing penetration into new and challenging markets throughout the world.

Under Uri’s leadership, his team has been able to maintain a high annual client retention rate, and has successfully implemented a long list of large-scale national projects, including over one million students worldwide.

Uri began his career at Edusoft in 2003 as a Sales Manager for Asia, and in this position consistently increased the company’s sales in the Asian market. Previous to his employment at Edusoft, Uri was a sales manager for Radview, and holds a B.A. in computer science and management.

Vered Yishay Vice President, Product Development

As Vice President of Product Development, Vered ensures that Edusoft’s business needs are translated into technological detailed designs. In addition, Vered is responsible for guaranteeing that every project is developed and delivered in the highest quality possible. Vered has been with Edusoft since 2008, and has been instrumental in expanding the technological development of Edusoft’s products, as well as the implementation of the Agile methodology for the development process.

Under Vered’s leadership, her team of developers, quality assurance personnel, and designers have taken Edusoft’s product development to a new level, including an overhaul of Edusoft’s flagship product English Discoveries, as well as a vast portfolio of product development for ETS.

Prior to her position at Edusoft, Vered was Development Manager at Ectel, and holds a B.Sc. in computer science.

Tsachi Gal Vice President, Finance & CFO

As Vice President of Finance & CFO, Tsachi is responsible for providing the strategic input and planning necessary to ensure Edusoft’s financial success.  Tsachi and his team oversee all accounting processes, protecting the company’s revenues and profits to safeguard financial control and sustainable growth.  Tsachi is responsible for tracking cash flow and financial planning for Edusoft, as well as analyzing the company’s financial strength and weaknesses.

He is also responsible for all external and internal strategic financial reporting analysis, for current activities, historical as well as projections for the future. In addition, Tsachi in in charge of all financial connections with ETS.

Tsachi joined Edusoft in 2009, and brings with him over 20 years of experience in the field of finance. Before his employment at Edusoft, Tsachi was CFO of MainNet Communications Ltd. Tsachi is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and holds a B.A. in accounting and economics as well as an M.B.A.

Edusoft’s Board of Directors

Joanna Gorin ETS Vice President, Global Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment & COO of Global English Language Markets
Michael Freddo ETS Vice President & Controller
David Hobson ETS Vice President & Corporate Secretary
Kara McWilliams ETS Associate Vice President, AI Research Laboratories