English Discoveries
for Corporate

Equip your workforce to ensure success

Interactive Learning

Shorten the learning curve while maximizing English learning outcomes

The English Discoveries interactive learning platform helps your workforce achieve real-world proficiency in order to function at its peak. Engaging content is paced to diverse team-member competency levels for quick and efficient skill acquisition. State-of-the-art video-based speaking and listening activities, and automated speech and writing feedback give workers the practice and confidence to succeed in their working environment.

The platform has been proven to deliver outstanding return on investment, with high-impact results measured through internationally-recognized competency testing.

Corporations benefit from English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses for fast-track fluency catered to a range of industries, including finance, aviation, and tourism.

Assessments & Certification

Track progress easily with interactive exercises and standardized assessments 

English Discoveries features a wide variety of automatically-scored formative and summative tests, that give the training team an essential at-a-glance status of trainee language acquisition progress and performance. The solution leverages benchmark evaluation tools developed by ETS, the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization.

Automated self-study modules –  for both writing and speaking – provide instantaneous feedback, optimize productivity, and minimize resource allocation, which saves time and money. These result-driven professional development tools encourage workers to transform their English practice mastery into real-world business success.

Management Systems

Monitor trainee progress, evaluate outcomes, and customize courses

Training managers have a lot on their shoulders, which is why Edusoft tools help them successfully manage English Discoveries programs for trainee levels, ranging from beginner through advanced.

The user-friendly Management Dashboard is the data-driven command and control center for instantly monitoring individual and group progress, task completion, and performance. Real-time reports empower the training team to keep training on track, reach key milestones, and achieve outcomes, while meeting financial goals.

With customization tools, course developers can design lessons from existing content building blocks, or create their own targeted content.

Support Materials

Productivity tools to accelerate learning and support your bottom line

English Discoveries’ class-based resources reinforce trainee proficiency across all modes of communication. All in-class materials, practice assignments, and group exercises fully integrate with, and build upon, online content. This synthesis fortifies skills and shortens the learning curve for an enriched learning experience. With English as the global language of business, students can apply what they have learned with fellow trainees, and on the job.

Tried and tested, ready-to-use trainer materials, such instruction guides and lesson plans, save precious resource time, boost instructor productivity, and standardize training across the company.

Instructor Training

Get trainers up to speed quickly to successfully implement English Discoveries

Edusoft delivers a customized training program to educate training managers, course planners, and instructors on how to make the most of English Discoveries.

The training course provides hands-on instruction on the English Discoveries best practice distance and blended learning models and rich features, with a focus on your enterprise’s custom-designed implementation plan. This instruction is an essential investment in the team that is vital to your English program’s success. It empowers trainers to excel – with the tools to launch a highly-effective English language curriculum and to keep the program running in high gear.

Implementation & Support Services

With you every step of the way to optimize program effectiveness

Edusoft provides ultimate flexibility by tailoring the English Discoveries platform to meet your company’s needs.

Edusoft’s pedagogical consultants, account managers, and technical experts work hand-in-hand with you to make sure you take full advantage of English Discoveries’ rich platform, and maximize your return on investment. The Edusoft team remains actively and continuously involved once the program is up and running, with project management, reporting analysis, and other support services. Ongoing commitment to your success – this is just what you would and should expect from a global leader in English education.