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Getting the Most out of the English Discoveries Magazine

Recorded: September 19, 2022

This webinar focuses on the Community Magazine in Edusoft’s English Discoveries program. The webinar systematically explores the numerous features of this rich, ever-growing resource with a specific focus on how it can be used to promote English proficiency.

Participants are shown the value of the magazine from the perspective of the learner and the teacher. Teacher participants will go away with numerous practical ideas which they can immediately incorporate into teaching and learning.

The Webinar explores:

  • Each of the many magazine features in detail with a focus on the pedagogical function
  • How the magazine can contribute to developing all language skills in an integrated fashion –  not only reading
  • How the magazine provides a unique and ideal resource for project work. Specific detailed examples will be shared.
  • The enrichment feature per unit – spotlighting articles to include in the online curriculum

This webinar is obviously ideal for participants who are new to the English Discoveries Community Magazines. However, the webinar is equally valuable for those familiar with the ED platform, as the webinar provides very practical suggestions on how to integrate this resource in ways that may not have been considered in the past.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Jack Pillemer

Jack PillemerPedagogical Implementation

Jack is a well-qualified and experienced English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher, international teacher-trainer, program director and pedagogical and implementation manager. In addition, Mr. Pillemer is a content creator, author of EFL course books and pedagogical consultant. He carries with him a rich and varied experience working both in the classroom and in the computer software industry. He has vast experience designing and presenting workshops and webinars on a wide range of topics related to learning and teaching.

“My professional life has revolved around the teaching of English for the last 40 years. I speak from experience as a teacher whose major interest is student engagement and student motivation. I believe that the integration of technology into the learning process can contribute to student success in learning English."