Teacher Resilience: Developing this Super Power

Recorded: February 01, 2023

Teacher resilience is a new area of research that looks at what sustains and enables teachers to thrive rather than survive in the profession. This presentation discusses individual risk factors (e.g. motivation), contextual factors (e.g. workload) and includes strategies to develop teacher resilience using protective factors (e.g. mentorship). Teacher resilience means that teachers stay in the ELT field longer, remain motivated and with a sense of competence, confidence and coping skills.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. how key individual risk factors such as self-belief and confidence impede teacher resilience
  2. how key contextual risk factors such as workload and classroom management hinder teacher resilience
  3. protective strategies and interventions to develop your resilience in order to sustain one’s capacity to teach to their best

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Patrice Palmer M.Ed., M.A.

Patrice Palmer M.Ed., M.A.ESL/EAP instructor, trainer, author and positive psychology practitioner

Patrice Palmer has more than 25 years of experience as an adult educator, ESL/EAP instructor, trainer, and writer. She has taught students from 8 to 80 in a variety of programs and spent 7 amazing years in Hong Kong. Her academic background includes an M. Ed., M.A., B.A., B. Ed (Adult Education), and certificates in Positive Psychology and Positive Education. Patrice is a certified Mindfulness Facilitator and Yoga teacher. Patrice's own experience with burnout in 2015 prompted her to reflect on her own lack of self-care and adopt positive psychology interventions that she now shares with others. She is the author of The Teacher Self-Care Manual: Simple Strategies for Stressed Teachers

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