English Training Online is a Learning Revolution

English Training Online is Part of the Learning Revolution
For those who are of an age to remember the way we did things before the Internet became an everyday part of our existence, the changes have been dramatic. Our online lives take place where we live, where we work, where we eat, travel, learn and shop—in short, it’s impossible to imagine how our world would change if we no longer had access to the Internet. English training online is one of the ways in which education has been transformed by the Internet and the merger has become one of the most dynamic formats for instruction that we have ever known.  As education becomes more and more accessible, those who would, in the past, not have been able to learn a new language now have access to the revolutionary new format provided by English training online.

English Discoveries, the Learning Platform for English Training Online
Edusoft was wise to name its transformational English language program English Discoveries, because thanks to English training online, the process of learning English has truly become an instructional voyage of discovery. The language classroom, once confined to a traditional educational site, is now welcoming students from vastly different walks of life. The diplomat who wishes to learn English in order to advance in a government position joins the corporate employee who recognizes the role of English in the global market, while the student who lives on one continent and plans to pursue studies on another pursues English training online in order to do so.

How Edusoft has Transformed English Training Online
By utilizing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology in our learning platform, Edusoft has created the most innovative English training online program available. English Discoveries comes with 10 CEFR-aligned English courses designed to cover the range of student abilities. Automated speech and writing feedback alerts teachers to where successes and struggles are taking place so that they know which students need a little more help and which are ready to move forward. Students progress at the pace that allows for comprehensive learning in an instructional environment which is customized for their ultimate success.

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