Colegio Javier, in partnership with Edusoft, completed a six-month teacher’s professional development course

March 19 2019

“After completing this course, the Colegio Javier English teachers are well-equipped for the task of helping  their students achieve their learning objectives. They are a great team! ”



Jack Pillemer
Edusoft’s Pedagogical Implementation Manager

Colegio Javier, one of the leading high schools in Panama and who have been working together with Edusoft for over 12 years, recently completed a customized six-month professional development course that focused on 21st Century Teaching Methods and English Proficiency. Last month saw the culmination of the course, concluding with an exciting certification ceremony for all the teachers and the principal of the school.

The course was divided into three stages. The first stage consisted of a five-day seminar, where Edusoft’s Pedagogical Implementation Manager, Jack Pillemer, led a session focused on effective teaching practices in traditional and technology-enhanced learning environments. The Colegio Javier teachers then participated in a four-month online course, which covered English Language Proficiency and Professional Development content. The last stage of this program was a five-day seminar conducted by Edusoft’s Director of Pedagogical Implementation, Dr. Danny Glick, who concluded the course by covering topics on 21st century effective teaching methods, integrating technology into the classroom and exposing the teachers to TOEFL® question types and testing skills.

The objectives of this six-month course were to provide teachers with an updated approach to English learning training, improve their proficiency levels and to certify the teachers in both the English teaching methodologies of the Edusoft Training Solution and the English Proficiency TOEFL® iBT test.