A delegation of leading English experts from Vietnam visit Edusoft for a three-day pedagogical seminar

February 18 2018

“It is clear to us now that incorporating technology into the classroom is critical for the success of our English Language Learning programs. Our seminar at Edusoft gave us the tools necessary to ensure we reach maximum program success as we further develop our technology assisted learning.”

Ms Dương Kim Hương
Lecturer of English
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam National University

Edusoft welcomed representatives from Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City for a three-day seminar entitled: Leveraging Technology to Improve Learning Outcomes. The participants are all leading English language lecturers and researchers from Vietnam looking to deepen their knowledge in the world of technology-enhanced language learning. During this seminar participants attended sessions delivered by members of Edusoft’s Pedagogical department. The presentations covered topics such as: success factors for implementation of technology-enhanced EFL programs, and the do’s and don’ts of blended learning. Participants also took part in hands-on sessions where they experienced a  90-minute blended lesson, which concluded with participants creating their own blended-learning lesson. These hands-on sessions are instrumental in helping define the role of the teacher in a technology enhanced learning environment.

Participants also had the rare opportunity to attend a pedagogical seminar at Tel Aviv Univeristy (TAU), led by Dr. Anat Cohen the head of the Learning Technologies Department, as well as Dr. Tal Soffer the head of Virtual TAU. During this session, participants learned what research says about increasing student performance, persistence and motivation in technology-enhanced courses, aswell as an overview of dropout prevention and early warning systems. Additionally, the role of the teacher in technology-enhanced learning environments was discussed.