Edusoft participates in The Coalition on Adult Basic Education National Conference in New Orleans

May 20 2019

“The COABE conference was a great platform to engage in discussions on how blended learning methods positively influence student learning outcomes.”

Dr. Danny Glick
Edusoft’s Director of Pedagogical Implementation

The Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) National Conference took place last month in New Orleans. Over 2,000 school administrators, English coordinators, and classroom teachers across the country attended, to learn about the latest pedagogical trends in the field of learning and assessment. Edusoft’s Pedagogical Implementation Director, Dr. Danny Glick, presented evidence-based case studies on using blended instruction to increase student achievement and persistence.

The presentation highlighted the economic and human capital resource challenges associated with traditional English language teaching, and how technology-enhanced language learning can remove these barriers by providing low-cost, quality education. Dr. Glick explained that introducing Edusoft English Discoveries learning platform into the classroom increases student achievement and persistence. Using data collected from public universities over a period of 10 years, he presented evidence-based case studies showing that English Discoveries – an interactive online learning environment – leads to better language learning outcomes compared to traditional face-to-face instruction.

After presenting the theory of the effectiveness of implementing the English Discoveries platform to achieve student achievement, Dr. Glick discussed the implications of the study for policy and practice. The presentation was well-received by conference participants. It was also highly attended, as English language learning is increasingly being seen as a vital tool for personal, as well as national, development.