Laureate Languages and Edusoft gave a joint presentation at World CALL Conference in Chile

December 30 2018

“This joint presentation was very well received by conference participants. We look forward to future endeavors together with Laureate Languages.”

Hernan Garber
Executive Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

Edusoft’s Director of Pedagogy, Tania Davidson together with Laureate Languages gave a presentation on effective models and guidelines for effective distance learning during the 2018 WorldCall conference held this month in Chile.  WorldCALL is the worldwide professional association for teachers and educators interested in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). WorldCALL aims to enhance computer-assisted language teaching and learning in the global community by bringing together educators from around the world. WorldCALL has held an international conference every five years since its first conference in Australia in 1998. This is the first time this prestigious conference has been held in LATAM.

Examples from several large-scale distance-learning projects that Edusoft is currently running within Laureate universities in Latin America were presented. Edusoft distance learning model for Laureate includes structured implementation models, comprehensive teacher training, student orientation and clearly defined plans of study.  The main challenges of distance learning when applied to language learning, and the factors involved in developing a successful online language-learning program for adult learners were addressed.

The conclusion of the presentation consisted of a discussion of the challenges involved in assessing distance learning courses and how Edusoft provides both quantitative and qualitative methods of assessment for the distance learner.