English Discoveries
for Schools

Leading students to true English fluency

Interactive Learning

Effective student – and teacher – centric platform to meet schools’ English mastery goals

As the tried and tested pedagogical solution that leverages synergies with ETS, the global leader in educational assessment and research, English Discoveries delivers a complete cutting-edge learning experience. The solution features engaging content and interactive teaching technologies, to maximize teacher effectiveness and student language acquisition, and is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing school curricula.

The 10 CEFR-aligned general English courses help students meet standard, advanced, and elite-level requirements, according to national curriculum demands. State-of-the-art video-based speaking and listening activities, with automated speech and writing feedback, help instill confidence in secondary and high school students, and optimize learning outcomes.

Prestigious schools, parent-teacher associations, and boards of education throughout the world have selected English Discoveries for its distinguished leadership and field-proven pedagogical approaches that are supported by the latest academic research.

Assessments & Certification

Optimize teacher effectiveness with automated interactive exercises and standardized assessments

English Discoveries’ computer-based writing and speaking exercises offer self-paced learning with instant feedback on performance, that fosters student autonomy and helps build skills that can be utilized in a variety of learning situations. Teachers can monitor student progress while concentrating on high-value activities, such as individualized student interactions and curriculum planning. With the ideal mix of structure and flexibility, the program can be tailored to each school district, school, and class.

Automatically-scored English Discoveries tests include evaluation tools developed by ETS, the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization. The combination of ETS’s prominent leadership and Edusoft’s learning expertise delivers the most effective English solution available.

Management Systems

Intelligent teacher tools to track student progress, evaluate outcomes, and customize courses

English Discoveries puts teachers in charge with a comprehensive set of user-friendly tools, including monitoring systems and at-a-glance reports, to help maximize effectiveness and ensure student success.

The comprehensive English Discoveries solution is further enriched with customization tools that enable instructors to develop and introduce their own material into the curriculum, and create tailored lessons from existing content building blocks.

The Teacher Dashboard gives educators and principals an instant bird’s eye view of class performance and the ability to drill down to individual progress. Real-time reports track task completion, test scores, and students’ time spent on tasks.

Classroom Materials

Bringing schools to life with a dynamic learning experience that engages multiple senses

English Discoveries’ class-based resources help create a vibrant classroom environment through teacher-facilitated face-to-face interaction and student collaboration. With English Discoveries’ stimulating content and proven pedagogical approaches, students develop proficiency across all modes of communication.

All in-class content – both digital and print – is reinforced by, and fully integrated with online and self-study material, which enriches language acquisition, encourages students to apply what they have learned, and inspires them to achieve the next level of mastery.

Instructor materials, such as syllabi, lesson plans, and teacher guides, promote teacher success in their roles as subject matter experts.

Teacher Training

Setting the stage for teachers to use English Discoveries as the foundation for English learning

The English Discoveries training program provides hands-on instruction on the Edusoft learning platform, content, assessment tools, classroom materials, and the Teacher Management System, as well as the educational institution’s custom-designed implementation plan. The teacher-training curriculum guides teachers and administrators on how to make the most of Edusoft’s best-practice distance and blended learning models. The instruction uses proven teacher-training principles and is customized to each school’s use of English Discoveries.

This investment in your school’s most valuable resources – your teachers – anchors their role in the learning process, instills educator enthusiasm, and gives them a robust toolbox with which to excel.

Implementation & Support Services

Working hand-in-hand with you to launch and maintain your English language program

Edusoft’s services offer ultimate flexibility in order to meet the demanding requirements of school boards and national curricula. The full English Discoveries solution can integrate seamlessly with existing educational programs. Alternatively, because English Discoveries contains an all-inclusive array of resources, it can be implemented as a schools’ entire language excellence program.

The Edusoft team promotes your goals with ongoing project management, reporting analysis, and other support services. Edusoft’s pedagogical consultants, account managers, and technical experts help you take full advantage of all features. Periodic training workshops introduce the latest pedagogical approaches, to continuously build upon successful core teaching methods.