Technology and Instruction Come Together for English Language Learning Online

English Language Learning Online is Language Instruction for the Modern Era
As each generation acclimates to the role of technology in society, we see how much of daily life takes place online. Shopping, dinner reservations, even telemedicine are all aspects of daily life which are now commonplace as online activities. It’s the same for online classes; high school and university students are quite comfortable taking classes without having to be in a traditional classroom format. English language learning online is another way in which we have maximized the ability of the Internet to expand our educational horizons. Edusoft, which for its twenty-five years has thrived by staying ahead of the curve, has found that the marriage of technology and instruction has led to the birth of a dynamic, innovative way to teach English. Our program is in use in more than thirty countries, which proves that Edusoft has developed a truly global English language learning online program.

Edusoft, the Global Leader in English Language Learning Online
When you think about it, Edusoft’s role as a leader in English language learning online makes perfect sense. It starts with our mission statement, which vows to deliver effective, technology-based, English language learning and assessment solutions to the international market through the use of blended and distance learning, proven methodologies, and state-of-the-art technology. We’re a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services; ETS is the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization, as well as the maker of TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests.

Successful English Language Learning Online uses English Discoveries
English Discoveries has earned the favor of teachers because it provides them with a complete set of user-friendly management tools so that their effectiveness is maximized, and student success is assured. With the Teacher Dashboard, instructors are able to monitor the class as a whole as well as individual student progress, which generating real-time reports that track test scores and the time students spend on the tasks.

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