English Discoveries Excellence

English Discoveries Excellence is a comprehensive, certified English language learning and assessment solution program offered by Edusoft, a subsidiary of ETS®, and includes internationally recognized TOEIC® tests.

Global Competitiveness:

English language proficiency is a crucial asset for standing out in the modern job market.

Institutional Reputation:

Enhance your institution's
standing among

Graduate Success:

Showcase the English
language skills of your

Effortless Management:

Personalized handling of students' English learning journeys, tailored to each institution's specific requirements.

Dedicated Support:

Ongoing guidance and assistance throughout the program.

Skill Enhancement:

Improves students' English proficiency, fostering professional growth and enhancing career prospects.

Engaging Content:

Includes captivating learning materials and courses for TOEIC test preparation.

Online Testing & Certification:

Convenient access to online TOEIC tests and score certificates.

CEFR Alignment:

Content in line with the Common European Framework of Reference, ensuring a standardized and effective educational experience.

Assessment and certification recognized by industry leaders worldwide

Effortless personalized management systems

Attractive and effective interactive learning

Classroom materials both digital and printed

Professional development with training and certification for teachers

Support in implementation and customer success

As a global leader in evaluating English communication skills for both professional and everyday life, ETS has established the TOEIC tests as the global standard of trusted assessments worldwide. More than 14.000 organizations in over 160 countries rely on TOEIC scores to guide their recruitment, hiring, and employee promotion decisions.

Mónica Frenzel

Director of the Department of English

Andres Bello University

“The main challenge that it has helped us solve was being able to implement online teaching in an optimal way. Giving autonomy to the students to work outside of classes and for our part to be able to reinforce our blended modality within classes”.

Claudia Apablaza

Coordinator of the English Institute

University of the Americas

“There is a great team behind the platform, we are satisfied with the academic and operational support they give us, as well as the ability to adapt to changes.”

Renata Gonzalez

Professor of English

University of Vina del Mar

“The platform is very easy to use and has many tools that are useful for both the teacher and the students. The trainings and webinars they offer help us to stay ahead of the curve and up-to-date.”