English Discoveries
for Government Projects

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Interactive Learning

The solution of choice for government-sponsored English education initiatives

For over 25 years, public sector administrations throughout the world have relied on the English Discoveries customizable platform to meet their comprehensive English program goals. English Discoveries’ engaging content, interactive learning technologies, and powerful tools are key to ensuring program success. The solution is flexible, fitting in easily with existing curricula, or serving as the core stand-alone English learning platform.

English Discoveries’ state-of-the-art video-based speaking and listening activities, and a wide range of scoring technologies are all designed to maximize student learning outcomes.

Ten field-proven, CEFR-aligned general English language courses standardize learning, so that education system decision-makers can trust that students are reaching their highest level of mastery, and the government can achieve its mission for the population served.

Assessments & Certification

Track ongoing progress easily with interactive exercises and standardized assessments

The English Discoveries solution leverages benchmark evaluation and certification tools developed by ETS, the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization. Government officials can be confident that with Edusoft’s English learning expertise, and ETS’s recognized assessment leadership, students receive the most effective English solution available.

English Discoveries features a wide variety of automatically-scored formative and summative tests, that evaluate students’ performance, and monitor their progress toward key milestones. Automated self-study modules – for both writing and speaking – deliver instantaneous feedback, optimize productivity, and minimize resource allocation, which maximizes opportunities to reach public sector goals.

Management Systems

Centralize oversight throughout the government’s chain of command with intelligent monitoring tools

Large-scale investments in English proficiency programs demand ongoing management to ensure success. The rich set of user-friendly English Discoveries tools empowers government administrations and their education departments to oversee plan execution instantly at national, regional, and local levels. School administrators and teachers get real-time updates at their fingertips, to track class and student performance and progress toward educational goals.

The Management Dashboard is the command and control center in Edusoft’s data-driven learning environment. Real-time at-a-glance reports help decision-makers identify best practices, allocate resources, and make changes when necessary, to maximize program effectiveness.

Classroom Materials

Rounding out the comprehensive English education plan with teacher aids and classroom-based materials

English Discoveries introduces practical class-based teacher and student resources that promote across-the-board standardization and economies of scale for broad range programs.

Ready-to-use materials give teachers newfound agility and a valuable head start, so students can hit the ground running. English Discoveries’ classroom materials reinforce student learning in all modes of communication, and fortify skills acquired from their computer-based experience. All in-class materials fully integrate with, and build upon, computer content, inspiring students to apply what they have learned in order to achieve progressive levels of mastery.

Teacher Training

Flexible in-service training to prepare educators, supervisors, and principals to successfully implement English Discoveries  

Edusoft delivers a customized training program to ensure that your department of education makes the most of Edusoft’s best-practice platform. Direct teacher training and/or train-the-trainer approaches are tailored to get teams up to speed in the education system’s custom-designed implementation and the English Discoveries solution. This investment creates internal subject matter experts who are knowledgeable on learning processes and organizational infrastructure. Empowering these resources lays the foundation for roll-out success and measurable long-term results – for students and governmental agencies.

Implementation & Support Services

Get the edge that comes with trusted expertise, customized implementation, and hands-on support every step of the way

Edusoft has years of experience in successfully charting the course for public sector English education programs. The company has earned a reputation for helping optimize program introduction by custom-designing each solution, and accommodating each administration’s unique requirements – be they technological, pedagogical, infrastructural, or organizational.

Edusoft’s pedagogical consultants, account managers, and technical experts work hand-in-hand with administration officials and educators alike, to address the dynamic needs that inevitably arise from English language education initiatives. Clients can expect quick response and fast turnaround on requests, especially as programs evolve over time, in order to realize their education vision.