English Discoveries
for Higher Education

Preparing students for real-world success

Interactive Learning

Effective learning content and platform for English mastery

The English Discoveries interactive platform delivers a complete cutting-edge learning experience, featuring engaging content, interactive learning technologies, and powerful management tools. State-of-the-art video-based speaking and listening activities, automated speech and writing feedback, and a wide range of scoring technologies all contribute to maximizing student learning outcomes.

Academic institutions benefit from 10 general English language courses that are CEFR aligned and are designed to suit a wide range of learning abilities. Educators can teach with confidence, knowing that the solution’s field-proven pedagogical approaches are supported by the latest academic research.

Assessments & Certification

Simplify evaluations with interactive exercises and standardized assessments

English Discoveries offers a wide variety of automatically-scored formative and summative tests, including evaluation tools developed by ETS, the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization. In addition, automated systems for both writing and speaking spark student interest, while providing instant feedback on performance. These result-driven tools empower teachers to focus on student achievement and allow them to concentrate on high-value activities, such as curriculum planning and personalized student interactions.

Edusoft’s expertise in English language learning – combined with ETS’s recognized leadership in the world of assessment – provides the most effective English higher education solution available.

Management Systems

Intelligent educator tools to track progress, evaluate outcomes and customize courses

English Discoveries places a full set of user-friendly management tools in the hands of teachers to help maximize effectiveness and ensure student success.

The Teacher Dashboard is the command and control center in Edusoft’s data-driven learning environment. Educators can instantly monitor both class and individual progress, with real-time report generation to track task completion, test scores, and students’ time spent on tasks.

The customization tools enable instructors to create lessons from existing content building blocks, while giving them the option to develop and deliver their own content.

Classroom Materials

Extend online learning into the classroom

Bringing the classroom to life, English Discoveries’ class-based resources reinforce student proficiency across all modes of communication, and fortify skills acquired from the online experience. All of the in-class materials, including workbooks, practice assignments, and group exercises, fully integrate with, and build upon the online content. This synthesis enriches learning, encourages students to apply what they have learned, and inspires them to achieve the next level of mastery.

Academic and vocational instructor materials, such as syllabi, lesson plans, answer keys, and teacher guides, supplement teachers’ classroom activities, and position teachers for success.

Teacher Training

Prepare educators to successfully implement English Discoveries

Edusoft delivers a customized training program to educate faculty, teachers, administrators, and instructors on how to make the most of Edusoft’s best-practice distance and blended learning models. The course provides hands-on instruction, covering the English Discoveries solution and the educational institution’s custom-designed implementation plan. This investment in your organization’s most valuable resource – teachers – anchors their role in the process, and empowers them with the tools to excel.


Implementation & Support Services

With you every step of the way to ensure program success

Since no two higher education programs are the same, Edusoft provides ultimate flexibility, by tailoring the English Discoveries platform to meet the specific needs of each institution – large or small. The English Discoveries solution can be customized to integrate seamlessly with existing curricula.

Edusoft’s pedagogical consultants, account managers, and technical experts work hand-in-hand with you to support your educational, implementation and delivery goals. The Edusoft team remains actively and continuously involved, providing ongoing project management, reporting analysis, and other support services, to ensure ongoing success.