Edusoft Celebrates Successful Participation at TESOL Colombia 2024

May 23 2024

“The team is optimistic about the new business opportunities and the continued contribution to the company’s success. The experiences and knowledge gained at TESOL Colombia 2024 are set to propel Edusoft’s mission in the ELT landscape.”

Edy Levit
Edusoft Director of Sales

Edusoft recently participated in the TESOL Colombia 2024, one of the most innovative English Language Teaching (ELT) events in Latin America. This year’s theme, “Building the ELT Ecosystem Together,” brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including in-service and in-training teachers, educational institutions, researchers, academic authorities, and more. The event featured boot camps, professional development micro-courses, TESOL Colombia Awards, international conferences, and a Technology Hub.

Edusoft’s participation was a resounding success. The company engaged with a wide range of ELT professionals, including school principals, teachers, and students. Edusoft’s presentation on “Harnessing Technology in English Teaching and Learning with English Discoveries Excellence” attracted significant interest, highlighting the company’s innovative approach to integrating technology in education.

Edusoft representatives attended numerous briefings and workshops, gaining valuable insights into the latest ELT trends and the specific needs of students. The event facilitated fruitful networking opportunities with representatives of various English language institutions, paving the way for potential business collaborations.