Edusoft Provides Comprehensive Professional Development Training in Chile for strategic long term partners

February 5 2024

“This series of trainings stands as a testament to Edusoft’s dedication to advancing English language education globally and its commitment to empowering teachers with the necessary skills to navigate the challenges of contemporary language teaching. The success of these sessions marks a significant milestone in Edusoft’s journey of enriching educational experiences worldwide.”

Hernan Garber
Executive Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

Edusoft, a leader in English language learning solutions, has recently completed a series of successful professional development trainings across some of Chile’s most prestigious universities and and the Policía De Investigaciones De Chile ( PDI ).  This initiative has remarkably trained over 100 teachers from Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB), Universidad Viña del Mar (UVM), and Universidad de Las Américas (UDLA), alongside top teaching staff from from Policía De Investigaciones De Chile ( PDI ). These trainings were led by Dr. Cristina Banfi, a leading Professor at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, renowned for her expertise in language education, and Jack Pillemer a highly qualified and experienced English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher, international teacher-trainer, and a pedagogical and implementation manager at Edusoft.

These renowned educational institutions in Chile are using  “English Discoveries Excellence,” Edusoft’s comprehensive learning and assessment platform, which incorporates the internationally recognized TOEIC® tests. The primary goal of this face-to-face training was to equip teachers with an extensive array of strategies, ideas, and resources, thereby enhancing their teaching methodologies. This initiative is especially significant in engaging language learners within the English Program and effectively preparing them for the TOEIC Bridge/TOEIC tests.

The training encompassed a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from student engagement strategies to more technologically advanced subjects, such as enhancing English Language Teaching with Artificial Intelligence and integrating the four fundamental language skills using technology. Additionally, teachers received valuable tips and suggestions on preparing students for success in TOEIC® tests, focusing on building their skills and confidence. Time was also spent introducing teachers to the new ED Community, an innovative online platform designed for EFL teachers seeking to enhance their skills, connect with peers, and advance their careers in language education.

The response from participating teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. Participating teachers shared their experiences and feedback from the training, highlighting various aspects that made the program impactful and valuable. Here are some of their reflections:

“I enjoyed getting new information on how to engage students, as well as learning about various sites to use in class. I also loved the teachers.”

“What I most enjoyed was the presenters’ enthusiasm and expertise.”

“The training was very informative and well-supported. The ideas presented were all applicable to our teaching actions.”