Edusoft Develops Professional Development Package for Successful Learning During COVID-19

August 23 2020

“Many of our clients had to shift the way they were teaching overnight.  We wanted to make sure to be there for them to help navigate this switch and provide them with the tools necessary to manage this shift in the most successful way possible.”

Uri Heiman
Edusoft Vice President and COO

In response to the ongoing shift to remote education, Edusoft has created a professional development package to help institutions and teachers ensure successful learning outcomes during a time of change and uncertainty.

Teachers are provided with the opportunity to expand their professional capabilities by learning new tools and methodologies. This package:

  • Provides institutions with tools for successful transition from face-to-face to distance learning
  • Provides teachers with strategies for successful synchronous teaching
  • Demonstrates how Edusoft’s English Discoveries can be an integral part of a distance learning solution

This professional development package offers a series of up to 3 live 90-minute webinars, each relating to a different aspect of the implementation of distance learning.

Webinar 1: Managing the Shift from Face-to-Face to Distance Learning

Webinar 2: Introduction to Synchronous Teaching

Webinar 3: Integrating Edusoft’s ELL Solution into Synchronous Teaching

The feedback to-date on these webinars has been extremely positive, teacher surveys have indicated that teachers found the tools and methodologies they learned to be very helpful.

For more information please contact us at [email protected]