Edusoft’s End of Year Summary and Looking Ahead to 2023

January 26 2023

“2023 is set to be a year of new beginnings for Edusoft. This is an exciting year of change with many opportunities for growth, and I have full faith that Edusoft’s international team has the necessary know-how and drive to make significant changes to the world of educational technology.”

Uri Heiman
President and CEO

As we enter into the new year at Edusoft, we celebrate the closing of another year of innovation, growth and change. 2023 is set to be a year of new beginnings for Edusoft. First and foremost, this year begins with a change of leadership at Edusoft. Uri Heiman who previously led Edusoft’s sales team and in the last two years served as Edusoft’s COO, has been appointed as Edusoft’s President and CEO to replace Rafi Moran, who retired after his over 20 years at Edusoft.

Rafi has played a critical role in the development and success of Edusoft and has served as Edusoft’s President and CEO for the last 15 years. In Rafi’s time as CEO, he was instrumental in many significant accomplishments within the company.

Edusoft’s management team worked hand-in-hand with Rafi to smoothly transition Edusoft to its new leadership under Mr. Heiman. Uri has worked at Edusoft for the last 19 years and his experience and knowledge will undoubtedly put Edusoft on the path to many more years of success and growth.

Hernan Garber, Edusoft’s Executive Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, will oversee business development, marketing, and customer success for Edusoft, and will continue to drive the business strategies necessary for Edusoft to achieve its mission.

Vered Yishay, Executive Vice President of Product Management and Development will lead the company in the design and development of product solutions, managing multidisciplinary teams to deliver and maintain high quality products.

Tsachi Gal, CFO, is responsible for providing the strategic input and planning necessary to ensure Edusoft’s financial success. Tsachi and his team oversee all accounting processes, protecting the company’s revenues and profits, to safeguard financial control and sustainable growth.


2023 also marks the beginning of new business opportunities with Edusoft’s parent company ETS. In 2022, ETS also appointed a new CEO, Amit Sevak, who has extensive experience in the education space, and has joined ETS to advance their mission, and open opportunities for learning worldwide. In addition, ETS has appointed Feng Yu as Chairman of Edusoft’s Board of Directors. Feng is the Associate Vice President of Global TOEIC Management at ETS, and has been working with Edusoft since ETS’s acquisition of Edusoft, to advance business opportunities between the two companies.

2023 has already had an auspicious start with Edusoft being chosen to promote ETS’s new assessment and learning approach in Latin America. Edusoft and ETS will be providing a holistic solution, which places learning at the center, and focuses on the importance of assessment to advance teaching and learning.