Edusoft’s Launches Customer Success Department

July 10 2022

“At Edusoft providing the best in customer support has always been one of our main focuses. This new customer success department will be focused on providing a proactive, and data-driven approach, consisting of building relationships with existing customers, understanding in depth their goals, and helping them meet those goals through day-to-day contact.”
Hernan Garber
EVP of Customer Success, Sales and Marketing

We are excited to announce that Edusoft has recently created a Customer Success Department.  This new department is headed by Diego Goren, a truly innovative manager, that has a proven track record of delivering the highest value for Edusosft’s most strategic clients over the past 6 years.

The customer success department consists of customer success managers whose main focus is providing a proactive, data-driven, and client-oriented approach. The customer success teams will begin by creating a customer journey for each of our partners.

The customer journey will help ensure all clients’ programs will be managed in the most effective and successful manner, and will focus on:

  • Achieving a better understanding of clients’ academic and operational goals
  • Establishing mutual alignment with clients’ institution
  • Identifying predictive patterns of behavior