English Language Teaching by Edusoft Delivers Success to Students

The Complex Nature of English Language Teaching
Teaching a subject in one’s own language can be challenging enough. But teaching concepts in a language that the teacher and students are both fluent in is much simpler than the complexity of English language teaching. Students who are striving to learn English, an intricate and often confusing language for non-native speakers, can seem to present insurmountable challenges. That’s the reason why it’s necessary to choose the right program that meets the needs of the teachers so that they, in turn, can meet the needs of their students. By choosing the program that people all over the globe have had success with, teachers can trust that they’re using the right tools for success.

How Edusoft Helps Instructors Excel in English Language Teaching
A good teacher knows that the secret of good teaching is to engage students. Attentiveness to their progress and an alert response when they are struggling are ways that a teacher interacts with students. Having an exciting curriculum that makes use of cutting-edge technology in an interactive format lifts the classroom experience from routine to dynamic.  English Discoveries, with its state-of-the-art, and video-based speaking and listening activities, motivates students to excel by piquing their interest. With 10 CEFR-aligned English language courses and automated feedback that delivers immediate reporting, English Discoveries allows a teacher to nimbly address the students’ individual needs.

Edusoft’s Educational Qualities Enhance English Language Teaching
Teachers work hard at their profession. They can trust that Edusoft, with our twenty-five years  of experience in the English language teaching field, will help them do their work by providing comprehensive methods, on both a large- and a small-scale, to support them. As a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services (ETS), the company that’s known throughout the world for the TOFEL® and TOEIC® exams, Edusoft is highly regarded for its quality pedagogical performance.

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