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Edusoft Ltd. Provides the Best Options for English Language Training

We have all become so accustomed to the ways that technology has transformed our lives that we sometimes fail to acknowledge how those technological advances have enhanced, not replaced, the role that human beings continue to play in so many fields. As advantageous as it is to achieve our goals with a click of the mouse, we should remember how much we continue to depend upon the people who facilitate the tasks that utilize technology. In no field is this more apparent than in education. Teachers are grateful for the ways that cutting-edge technology gives their classrooms a vibrancy that encourages learning. Students learn in a manner that is acclimated to their own familiarity with technology.

Edusoft Ltd. understands this partnership between people and technology. As a matter of fact, we facilitate it by providing the best tools available for students seeking to learn English and the teachers who are providing instruction. English Discoveries, our platform for teaching English, employs a full set of user-friendly management tools for teachers to use so that they may maximize effectiveness and ensure success for their students.

Why English Discoveries is the ideal Platform for English Language Training
Edusoft’s user-friendly, data-driven learning environment expands the toolkit that teachers can use to impart their lessons to their students. The teacher dashboard is the English language training command and control center where educators are able to monitor the progress of the class as a whole and the individual student. Reports are generated in real-time so that teachers can track the completion of tasks and the amount of time that the students spent in doing them, as well as test scores.

Our customization tools make it possible for teachers to create lessons from existing content-building blocks without giving up the option of developing their own content. This dynamic option demonstrates why Edusoft’s English language training is so popular with teachers who welcome the flexibility of accessing resources to supplement their own material.

Optimizing Teacher Effectiveness in English Language Training

The computer-based writing and speaking exercises offering by Edusoft’s English Discoveries provide self-paced learning with instant feedback on performance. As a result, students build skills that will be utilized in a range of learning scenarios, nurturing student autonomy. At the same time, teachers monitor the progress of their students while they are concentrating on curriculum planning and individualized student interaction. Our customized training program shows teachers, instructors, faculty, and administrators how to capitalize on Edusoft’s best-practice and blended and distance learning models.  English Discoveries offers hands-on instruction for an investment in an organization’s most valuable asset, its teachers, by giving them the tools they need to excel in their efforts.

Edusoft Means Excellence in English Language Training
Edusoft has over 25 years of experience in the technological and educational fields.  Edusoft’s team of pedagogical, sales, service implementation, project management, technology and marketing experts are all dedicated to ensuring maximum success of every project, from start to finish.

With Edusoft’s expert team, you can know your English language training is the fast track to fluency.

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