Choose Edusoft, Maker of the World’s Favorite English Learning Program

The World is Seeking the Right English Learning Program
Different languages have been dominant throughout the history of civilization, but before we begin to talk about the reign of Latin or French, we need to remember several important facts. While scholars of the Renaissance shared their learning in Latin, and the intelligentsia of the Age of Enlightenment communicated in French, those were  not global languages; they predominated in Western society. Today, thanks to media   and technology, English, which has been a dominant language since the nineteenth century, is now a global tongue.  Its international presence is as likely to manifest itself in the lyrics of a pop song as it is in a scientific abstract. As English has become the language spoken by the world, we’ve seen an enormous surge in the number of people in academia, government, and the corporate sector who have placed a priority on finding an English learning program that will carve out a pathway to success in their fields.

Numbers Don’t Lie: English Discoveries is the Favorite English Learning Platform
More than two million people in thirty different countries have opted to learn English with the help of Edusoft, the experts behind the English Discoveries platform. They’ve benefitted from the way that the program allows teachers to customize the course so that it’s in step with the pace of the student’s learning. Customization tools provide the opportunity for teachers to use Edusoft’s content building blocks or to develop their own content. The process is dynamic and interactive; teachers track the progress of students, evaluate the outcomes, and determine what’s next in the learning progression.

English Language Learning for Students
Key to the success of any English language learning program is the way that it engages students. English Discoveries offers a wide range of formative and summative tests that are automatically scored. The feedback is instantaneous so that teachers know how each student is faring. With this level of assessment for learning, students can be confident that they’ve mastered one level and are ready for the next.

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