e-Learning English Brings the World Closer Together

Technology Connects the World the e-Learning English
In our interconnected world, the geography that separates countries by borders and territorial boundaries is united through the technology which renders those lines of demarcation meaningless. Thanks to technology, anyone can learn English, a language which is proven to be a cohesive power that links people from distant parts of the world, different cultures, and unfamiliar traditions. Thanks to E-learning English, planet Earth is one enormous classroom, binding students in a teaching program that’s tailored to capture their interest.

Using Technology as a Prime Tool for e-Learning English
Our online content provides the foundation for the workbooks, practice assignments and group exercises that are part of the learning process for students. Our academic and vocational materials for the instructor include teacher guides, lesson plans, syllabi, supplemental classroom activities and answer keys.

e-Learning English with Technology as a Teaching Tool
For students learning now, technology is an integrated part of their routines. Many have grown up with electronics as part of their education, workplace, and entertainment. That’s why it makes sense to utilize technology as a teaching tool.  Old-time teaching formats won’t work with a 21st century classroom. As Emily Albadán, Director of the Department of Languages Universidad del Istmo says when explaining why English Discoveries is such a success, “Our previous platform didn’t meet our needs, and we needed something really dynamic and different, and that’s what English Discoveries gave us.”

Why the World Loves e-Learning English with Edusoft
At Edusoft, meeting client needs is a priority. Helping the world learn English is our goal and we’re happy to say that it’s a goal we’re meeting. See what Constanza Rodríguez, Coordinator of the Languages Institución Universitaria Politécnico Grancolombiano, says about why English Discoveries is such a popular tool for learning English. “With English Discoveries, students are highly motivated, and their accomplishments have increased. Teachers love the platform because it is user-friendly, and administrators love English Discoveries because we have the support we need.”

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