E-Learning English with Today’s Technology

E-Learning English Teaches with Technology
Can you imagine trying to teach without technology? Our classrooms have readily adopted the many advantages that come with an environment where learning is dynamic thanks to the advances that technology makes readily available. Of course, in order to be successful, instruction relies upon the skills of trained teachers who have an aptitude for imparting knowledge to students. But teachers need help in order to focus their efforts on the students; not all students learn at the same pace or in the same manner. Edusoft Ltd. realizes this and can personalize lessons with the many benefits of an E-Learning English format.

English Discoveries is the Superior E-Learning English Platform
Today’s students are accustomed to having technology as a learning tool, just as today’s teachers rely upon technology to deliver lessons that employ modern methods of instruction. With both teachers and students adept at using technology, it just makes sense for Edusoft to offer an E-learning English platform that provides teachers with the tools they need to offer instruction in a format with which students are most comfortable. With English Discoveries, all of the practice assignments, group exercises, workbooks, lesson plans, syllabi, teacher guides, supplemental classroom activities and answer keys build upon the content that’s available online. By supporting the efforts of students to learn with methods that suit their abilities, the instructional process builds upon layers of success; as one level is achieved, the student can advance to the next one. Because of the swift feedback, teachers quickly discern how their students are progressing and how the process needs to be adapted for different students.

Edusoft, an E-Learning English Partner with Laureate International Universities
Edusoft’s affinity for distance learning has caught the attention of campuses all over the world. In fact, by partnering with Laureate International Universities, Edusoft is able to provide E-learning English to students on almost 70 campus-based and online universities located in 25 different countries. Twenty-five different countries, with a variety of different languages of their own, all looking to Edusoft to provide the E-learning English program that they’re seeking.

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