Edusoft Teaches the World How to Learn English

Learning the Language the World Wants to Speak
In the medieval era, Latin was the language of the elite, but only the clergy and the nobility had the means to learn it. During the Age of Enlightenment in the eighteenth century, the most educated scholars studied French so that they could take part in the Western world’s intellectual network. Now, the language to learn is English and anyone can learn it, regardless of their family background or their social status. But that doesn’t mean that anyone can teach it.  When choosing a program on how to learn English, choose a company that has built an esteemed reputation with its credentials. Edusoft, Ltd. is a subsidiary of ETS, which is the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization. With more than two million users across the globe, Edusoft has proven its ability to show the world how to learn English.

Edusoft Shows How to Learn English
When our ancestors wanted to learn a foreign language, they were dependent upon a tutor who might have known the language but may not have been skilled in teaching it. Edusoft has assembled a skilled staff and an interactive platform to provide results-driven evaluation tools, personalized student-teacher interaction and curriculum planning. Edusoft is able to show students how to learn English. With the Edusoft flagship product, English Discoveries, students benefit from 10 general, CEFR-aligned English language courses that are based upon field-proven pedagogical methods.

In order to maximize the outcomes of a student’s learning, the English Discoveries platform provides automatically-scored formative and summative tests that include automated speech and writing feedback along with a broad array of scoring techniques. While teachers concentrate on instructional activities that offer greater value for their students, the students benefit from the cutting-edge technological learning design that demonstrates how to learn English for students who come from an academic, corporate, or government background.

Living in a period of time when learning is open to all regardless of their birth or background is the best time to find out how to learn English, because Edusoft is the modern platform that maximizes a student’s ability to learn.

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