English Language Learning Online Teaches in a Global Classroom

English Language Learning Online is the World’s Most Popular Curriculum
Online learning makes education accessible to people who might otherwise not have access to instruction. Thanks to technology, borders vanish, miles disappear, and teaching has a wider audience than in any other time in human history.  Language has also, because of technological advances, become more accessible to people who live very far from the original source of that language. The global world in which we live has also witnessed the rise of language as a common, unifying bond among populations who do not necessarily have anything else in common but a familiarity with a certain language. This is particularly true of language which in many cases may be the deciding factor in whether or not you succeed in your university studies or rise to a desired position in your employment. With English language learning online, more than two million people have benefitted from adding a new vocabulary to their resumes.

English Language Learning Online: A Growing Need in Today’s Educational Market
When teachers and students at Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) undertook the English language learning online program from Edusoft, they confirmed the words of Hernan Garber, Edusoft Ltd.’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. ““The demand for effective distance learning solutions is a growing need in today’s educational market.”  After receiving two-and-one-half days of training that included an in-depth presentation of the English Discoveries platform and management system, the teachers appreciated the micro-training sessions that let them put what they had learned into practice.

The Edusoft Staff Excels in English Language Learning Online
More than eight thousand students at UPC will be learning English through English Discoveries, the interactive platform created by Edusoft’s staff. The highly recommended program, praised by schools, boards of education and parent-teacher associations, is user-friendly and provides fresh, current topics. The Edusoft staff, with its impressive experience in both face-to-face and online learning, are skilled at presenting the most relevant strategies and procedures that help teachers gain confidence and enthusiasm in using the program. When teachers are enthusiastic, students are eager to learn.


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