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Edusoft Ltd says hello to E-Learning English

A remarkable revolution has taken place in the world of communication, one that has had a powerful and transformational effect on every aspect of modern life. The seven billion (and counting) inhabitants of our planet live in a time when miles have become meaningless because, thanks to the Internet, distance is no longer a factor in how we learn, work, shop, or entertain ourselves. We learn of the events on other continents within minutes after they take place. We live in one country and pursue a degree from another. We buy products from a global marketplace of vendors. Boundaries and borders are no longer only navigable by passports as we travel the globe without, in many cases, leaving our living rooms. That ease of travel has pervaded the educational sphere as well. It’s easy to understand how learning English, the international language, has now become so much easier, thanks to the opportunity for E-learning English.

Edusoft, Pioneering E-Learning English
But we can’t learn a new language just by going to Google. Speaking English is a skill and in order to make sure that that skill is taught correctly, students and teachers want to be sure that they are using a platform that will impart the lessons with professional expertise.

That proven platform is English Discoveries, Edusoft’s complete English language learning solution that brings the classroom to life no matter where the classroom is located. All of the workbooks, practice assignments, and group exercises build upon the online content. E-learning English, when presented in the Edusoft format, enriches learning by encouraging students to apply what they have learned, so that they are inspired to achieve the next level of language mastery. Teachers utilize the academic and vocational instructor materials such as lesson plans, syllabi, teacher guides and supplemental classroom activities and answer keys.

Using the Edusoft Platform for Global E-Learning English
Edusoft has taken its platform to all corners of the globe. An Edusoft trainer went to Peru to train 85 Peruvian University of Applied Sciences English teachers and coordinators. The two-and-a-half-day session included an in-depth discussion of English Discoveries, the Edusoft platform and management system. Representatives from the Vietnam National University took part in a three-day seminar, Leveraging Technology to Improve Learning Outcomes, and participated in sessions exploring the success factors for the implementation of technology-enhanced EFL programs. All across the globe, the Edusoft teaching platform is proving its effectiveness in E-learning English, opening up opportunities in commerce, academia, and government for students who are eager to learn the language that the world uses to conduct its business.

In addition, Edusoft is partnering with Laureate International Universities, the largest network of degree-granting higher education institutions. With a presence in 25 countries, and nearly 70 campus-based and online universities in those countries, Laureate offers degrees both graduate and undergraduate to more than one million students all over the world. Those numbers demonstrate why Laureate sought an effective and established leader in E-learning English. The Laureate network will use the English language learning solutions of the English Discoveries platform.

When pursuing the most effective E-learning English platform, choose Edusoft, the proven leader in English language instruction.

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