Assessment for Learning

Edusoft Ltd: A Global Leader in Assessment for Learning

The most effective learning format enables a student to become more actively involved in the process. Rather than viewing each test and assignment as a single entity, a student is encouraged to recognize the progression of learning. Assessment for learning (AFL), an approach to teaching and learning which creates feedback that is used to improve the student’s performance, inspires students with confidence as they steadily master the subject. AFL closes the gap between the learner’s current level and the intended goal that the student seeks to reach. As students become engaged in the assessment for learning process, they actually begin to think like a teacher, and their ultimate goal becomes clearer in their minds. Teachers with skill and insight plan assignments which assist the students in accomplishing this aim. When the subject matter is learning the English language, teachers need to have the right resources at hand in order to provide guidance for their students.

That’s why Edusoft Ltd. is so effective in its global mission to deliver effective, technology-based, English language solutions based on an assessment for learning approach. Edusoft is a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services, better known as ETS, which is the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization. As the creator of the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests to evaluate readiness to study in an American university, or to gauge a student’s grasp of workplace English, respectively, ETS is renowned for its impressive assessment for learning tools.

How Edusoft Meets Its Assessment for Learning Goals
Through the use of blended and distance learning, state-of-the-art technology, and proven methodologies that draw on proven academic research, Edusoft’s English Discoveries platform leverages the benchmark evaluation and certification tools that ETS has developed. English Discoveries utilizes a wide variety of formative and summative tests to evaluate the performance of a student, and monitor progress toward key milestones. The platform also features automated self-study modules that deliver instant feedback. This, in turn, optimizes productivity and gives educators the ability to focus on an assessment for learning approach, by gathering information about the students’ achievements, weaknesses, and strengths, in order to inform instructional decisions and make adjustments if needed.

Edusoft’s Credentials for Delivering the Best in Assessment for Learning
Edusoft Ltd., with more than 25 years of expertise in the assessment for learning field, serves educational, corporate, and government sectors in more than 30 countries across the globe. We specialize in comprehensive learning solutions, both on the large-and small-scale, that are based upon the most current interactive technology and pedagogical approaches that have been tested and proven effective in the field.

The Edusoft Team: Committed to Maximum Success
The Edusoft team is comprised of experts in the areas of pedagogy, sales, project management and service implementation, technology, and marketing. With a foundation of expertise to count on, we can provide support every step of the way so that our clients will benefit from our hands-on approach to English language instruction and assessment for learning. We are able to customize our platform so that its effectiveness is uniquely tailored to suit the particular needs of our clients.

When you learn English with Edusoft, you’re signing up for a learning platform that teaches the language that people are using today, for a career that will take them successfully into the future.

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