Interactive English Learning

Interactive English Learning Matches Teachers To Technology

Technology has provided a dynamic new frontier for teachers and students, blazing a path that enables education to be ready to meet the needs of the 21st century with 21st century tools. As the role of the instructor changes rapidly in modern times, technology needs to have an immediate reflex for providing instruction that enhances the role of the teacher. Edusoft’s teacher training provides hands-on instruction to guide teachers in incorporating technology into the classroom in order to create the most effective interactive English learning environment.

Knowing that the field-proven pedagogical approaches that Edusoft offers are supported by the most current academic research, teachers can teach with complete confidence. Edusoft understands that in order for technology to work at its best, the interaction between teacher and student must be supported. It’s through that interactive English learning that instructors are able to fully convey the essence of a language, whether the student is learning for an academic reason or a commercial purpose. The interactive English learning technology that Edusoft has developed is the most effective way for newcomers to English to become comfortable with the language. Interaction between teachers and students makes the educational process a lively one, so that both parties are engaged in the instruction. With that mutual engagement, the obvious result is success.

Edusoft’s English Discoveries, an Interactive English Learning Platform
English Discoveries offers 10 CEFR-aligned general English language courses, designed to suit a broad range of learning abilities.. The interactive platform delivers a cutting-edge learning experience that features engaging content, powerful management tools, and technologies that are truly interactive. Student learning outcomes are maximized through the state-of-the-art, video-based speaking and listening activities, the automated speech and writing feedback, and the wide range of scoring technologies.

What Teachers and Students Like about Edusoft’s Interactive English Learning Platform
Surveys submitted by students who have taken the courses reveal their appreciation for the consistent process of learning in a manner that enables them to improve their language skills and vocabulary. For the teachers, the value comes from the ease of usage. The program is easy to manage, the reports are easy to obtain, and the progress of the students is easy to track. Being able to interact with the students and transfer knowledge to them while keeping them motivated is of special value to the dedicated teachers using the product. The teachers are motivated because, throughout the platform, they find different solutions that students can work on without getting bored. This high level of engagement keeps the students studying for longer periods of time. The more they study, the more they learn, and then the instruction becomes a commitment because students are remembering and using what they’ve learned. The interactive English learning process enhances their skills with repeat usage, boosting their confidence and positively reinforcing their efforts.

Who knew that interactive English learning could be this easy?


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