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Edusoft Ltd. A Cutting-Edge English Learning Program

If you plan to travel across international borders, you’d better have a current passport; if you don’t, those borders are closed to you. The same is true of language. It’s true that language travels farther and faster than any means of transportation ever invented. But when you’re on a journey, would you prefer to travel by jet or by rowboat? In today’s global environment, knowing the English language is a passport to the international community and its markets, audiences, commercial prospects, and cultural opportunities. However, just wanting to learn the language isn’t enough to provide you with the fluency and ease of speaking that you’re seeking.  That leads to the question of which English learning program is the one that will deliver the best results? What about one that has a presence in more than 30 countries across the globe? Edusoft Ltd. is a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services (ETS), the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization, and the maker of the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests. Edusoft is a global leader in technology-based English Language Learning and Assessment Solutions based on the latest interactive technology and field-proven pedagogical approaches. Edusoft’s complete English learning program, English Discoveries, features engaging content and interactive teaching technologies that maximize teacher effectiveness and student language acquisition and fluency. Developing fluency in English through an effective English learning program is a passport to communication.

English Discoveries, an English Learning Program That Empowers Achievement
English Discoveries offers a wide variety of automatically-scored formative and summative tests, including evaluation tools developed by Educational Testing Services (ETS). Automated systems for writing and speaking help spark students’ interest and provide instant feedback on their performance in an English learning program. With these results-driven tools, teachers are empowered to focus on student achievement so that they can concentrate on the high-value activities of an English-learning program including curriculum planning and personalized student interaction.

The Edusoft Mission: Delivering an English Learning Program That Works
Edusoft is committed to the mission of providing the most effective English learning program.  Edusoft’s mission is to deliver technology-based, English language learning and assessment solutions to an international market with the use of blended and distance learning, proven methodologies, and state-of-the-art technology.

25 Years of English Learning Program Experience with Edusoft
For a quarter of a century, Edusoft has fielded a team of experts in pedagogy, sales, service implementation, project management, technology, and marketing in order to ensure maximum success for every English learning program that it develops. By laying the foundation of those projects, and providing support every step of the way, Edusoft delivers a positive client experience.  Edusoft’s expertise, along with a hands-on approach and customizable solutions, ensure that client needs are met. Digital learning, pedagogical experience, and unparalleled service . . . these are the features that have created an English learning program that provides the most effective English Language Learning and Assessment Solutions currently available.

Where will your travels take you? With an Edusoft Ltd. English learning program, your English skills are a passport to the world.

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