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Why Edusoft is a Leader in English Training Online

When you’re a company serving educational, government, and corporate sectors in more than 30 different countries, you quickly learn how to circumvent obstacles that would get in the way of providing English language learning to an international audience. Edusoft Ltd. has undertaken the mission of delivering effective, technology-based, English language learning and assessment solutions to markets all over the globe, by using blended and distance learning methodologies. English training online is the most productive way of providing language instruction to students who are no longer confined solely to the classroom. Now that classrooms are equipped to deal with the advances provided by technology, Edusoft’s classroom is an international campus.

Edusoft presence world-wide in English Training Online
As a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services (ETS), Edusoft Ltd. has become a global leader in technology-based English language learning and assessment solutions. ETS is the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization, so managing a global market is a natural fit for Edusoft. As part of our marketing outreach to the world, we have ongoing international partnerships. You’ll see the success of our partnerships in such far-away locales as Peru and Vietnam; you’ll see our platform being used from Russia to China to Australia. Just as the English language has traveled across the continents and oceans to become the dominant language in the international professional realm, Edusoft products have traveled to the same destinations to provide English training online to students seeking success in their careers.

English Discoveries is the English Training Online Platform for Success
All over the world, prestigious schools, boards of education and parent-teacher associations have selected English Discoveries for English training online, using the field-proven pedagogical approaches that are supported by the most current academic research. English Discoveries has 10 CEFR-aligned general English courses to help students meet the national curriculum demands for standard, advanced, and elite-level requirements. Learning outcomes are optimized with features such as state-of-the-art, video-based speaking and listening activities that offer automated speech and writing feedback.

Educational leaders benefit from the academic and vocational instructor materials that English Discoveries offers, including lesson plans, teachers’ guides, syllabi, and answer keys, all of which supplement the activities available in the classroom. English training online is today’s answer to language instruction that can be facilitated no matter where the student is located.

English Training Online serving a range of educational, government, and corporate sectors
Since no two online English training programs are the same, Edusoft provides ultimate flexibility by tailoring the English Discoveries platform to the meet needs of all English training online programs. Whether  it be educational, government or corporate sectors, clients world-wide have discovered that English is easily accessible thanks to Edusoft’s English training online platform. Because Edusoft’s English Discoveries solution leverages benchmark evaluation and certification tools that have been developed by ETS, students and teachers are confident that the instruction they receive provides fast-track access to a promising future in their chosen career.


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