English Language Learning Online

English Language Learning Online in the Global Classroom

Online learning has created a global classroom where students from around the world can benefit from the same cutting-edge programs designed to maximize the learning process. Regardless of how many miles separate the student from the original instruction site, the end result produces a positive experience. Edusoft Ltd. has developed tools that enhance English language learning online. Edusoft is a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services (ETS). ETS is the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization, as well as the company that developed the TOEFL® and TOEIC® exams. With over 25 years of expertise, Edusoft specializes in comprehensive large-and small-scale solutions that ensure maximum success for English language learning online.

The Growing Need for Effective Online English Language Learning Solutions
Edusoft’s staff is comprised of experts who recognize that in order to be effective in English Language Learning online, education must take full advantage of the latest research in pedagogical studies as well as the most innovative technology currently available. Hernan Garber, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Edusoft Ltd., understands the duality of English language learning online. “The demand for effective distance learning solutions is a growing need in today’s educational market.”

How Edusoft Is Expanding English Language Learning Online
Just ask the instructors at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) what they think of the English Discoveries platform created by Edusoft. UPC, one of Peru’s leading universities, is also one of the largest universities in the Laureate network. At UPC, more than 8,500 students will be learning English on the English Discoveries platform. Dr. Matthew Allen, Academic Director of English at UPC, was impressed with the experience in online and face-to-face learning that the Edusoft staff delivers.  “Edusoft’s training gave our teachers all the tools they need to work effectively with the English Discoveries platform. Edusoft’s staff bring vast experience in the field of online and face-to-face learning, and were extremely effective in presenting the most relevant strategies and procedures. We were most impressed with Edusoft’s team as well as the English Discoveries program and would recommend them to any institution anywhere.”

Successful Implementation of English Language Learning Online
Edusoft received glowing reviews for the training that it provided to the UPC teachers, who were given two-and-a-half days of training that included both hands-on and theoretical pedagogical instruction, along with an in-depth presentation of the English Discoveries platform and management system. The teachers completed the instruction with micro-training sessions that garnered praise because it allowed the teachers to put into practice what they learned during the training. Feedback from the training showed that more than 95% of the teachers described the material as relevant and applicable to their teaching. They appreciated the user-friendly nature of the student platform; the clarity of the training; and the freshness and currency of the topics. These observations demonstrate that teacher enthusiasm for the program will be a source of inspiration for the students. This is just another example of Edusoft’s leadership in the work of English language learning online.

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