How to Learn English

How to Learn English the English Discoveries Way

English is a global language, familiar to people all over the world, regardless of where they live. Popular television programs from English-speaking countries that have been exported to every corner of the globe have familiarized audiences with English phrases, expressions and clever comments. Songs with catchy tunes are heard in locations thousands of miles away from the studios where the songs were originally recorded. However, the English that might be heard at a party isn’t the same level of English that would be used when making a professional presentation in one’s field of employment. People hoping to learn English are often stumped by the dilemma of learning the appropriate styles of English to suit a variety of settings.

Edusoft, Ltd., a company that develops cutting-edge English learning solutions used by schools around the world, solves the problem of how to learn English for any occasion. Edusoft is a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services, (ETS), the developers of the TOFEL® and TOEIC® exams. Together, they make a winning team: the experience of Edusoft when it comes to English language learning plus the assessment leadership of ETS which is renowned worldwide, deliver the most effective English learning solutions that are available.

How to Learn English with an Effective Student- and Teacher-Centric Platform
Secondary and high school students are often uncertain when learning a new language, so the first step is to instill confidence in them.  That’s where Edusoft’s expertise makes the difference.

Edusoft’s flagship product, English Discoveries has been selected by educational leaders all over the world who recognize its distinguished leadership and field-proven pedagogical approaches that are based upon the most current and comprehensive academic research. Boards of education, prestigious schools, and parent-teacher associations praise its thorough approach to the learning process.

What Makes English Discoveries So Different?
English Discoveries offers 10 CEFR-aligned general English courses to assist students in meeting standard, advanced, and elite-level requirements. The unique language reinforcement of the program’s state-of-the-art, video-based speaking and listening activities, which provide automated speech and writing feedback, optimizes learning outcomes. Students, who were once hesitant at the prospect of learning English, benefit from modern methods that transform their lessons into an interactive platform that helps them in their mastery of the English language.

Satisfied Clients Praise Edusoft Products
Thanks to Edusoft’s data-driven learning environment, educators are able to monitor the progress of the class as a whole and the individual student as well, maximizing effectiveness and ensuring student success. Real-time reports are generated that track the completion of the tasks, the test scores, and also the amount of time that the students spent on the tasks. These tools, and the Teacher Dashboard, allow customization so that instructors can create lessons from existing content with the option, if they choose, to develop and deliver their own content.

Winning results have made believers in both the corporate and academic fields. Is there any industry in today’s competitive market which is more global than travel, particularly the airlines? In order to provide service to all passengers, from seasoned, multilingual world travelers to inexperienced students making their way to a foreign country for the first time, airline employees must be able to communicate effectively.

When seeking to improve the English proficiency of its employees, COPA Airlines sought a reliable and practical program that answered the question of how to learn English. They found that solution in English Discoveries. In the words of Dominik Rus, Corporate Training Director for COPA, Edusoft’s customized blended learning solution has helped improve the English proficiency of COPA Airlines employees.” Rus goes on to note that, thanks to English Discoveries, COPA personnel, including pilots, mechanics, flight attendants , and administrative and passenger service employees were able to practice and improve their English-speaking skills using language functions that were related to their jobs.

Whether in flight or on the ground, Edusoft solves the dilemma of how to learn English. 

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