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English Language Teaching Made Easy with Edusoft

There’s a popular conception that if someone wants to learn English, all that he or she needs to do is turn on the television. English-language television shows are popular all over the world so, the thinking goes, why not learn the language as the actors are speaking ? In theory, that may sound like a workable idea, but if you want to learn the English that you need in order to study at a university in the United States, is the spoken language on television  going to help you navigate your class syllabus?

English language teaching is more than a script. It’s teaching a language that people use in their everyday lives in order to succeed in their careers. English dominates the linguistic landscape in education, commerce, and government, which is why Edusoft has dedicated itself to developing the English language learning solutions that students need in order to gauge their learning prowess. We use a hands-on approach to meet our clients’ needs. With a team of experts in pedagogy, sales, service implementation, technology, project management, and marketing, Edusoft can provide the English language teaching support that is needed every step of the way.

As a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services (ETS), the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization, Edusoft Ltd. brings impressive credentials to the English language teaching market.

Edusoft’s English Discoveries Provides Evaluation Tools Developed by ETS for English Language Teaching
English Discoveries offers a wide variety of automatically-scored formative and summative tests, as well as automated systems for writing and speaking. Instant feedback on performance ignites students’ interest. Instructors in English language teaching are empowered by the platform’s results-driven tools that focus on student achievement, while freeing up teachers so that they can concentrate on high-value activities such as planning curricula and personalizing interaction with their students.

Utilizing the Teacher Dashboard to Facilitate English Language Teaching
Edusoft makes sure that teachers have all the management tools they need to maximize effectiveness of their efforts to ensure the success of their students. Thanks to English Discoveries, instructors in English language teaching can track the progress of their students, evaluate the outcomes, and customize courses to match the learning pace. With customization tools, teachers are able to create lessons from content building blocks that are already available. Or, if they prefer, they can develop and deliver their own content. This option gives teachers the flexibility they need to instruct students at a realistic pace.

How Students Benefit from English Language Teaching by English Discoveries
With 10 general English language courses that are CEFR aligned, academic institutions can be confident that the interactive platform suits a wide range of different learning abilities. This cutting-edge learning experience features state-of-the-art, video-based speaking and listening activities, automated speech and writing feedback, engaging content, interactive learning technologies, and powerful management tools. These features, combined with an impressive array of scoring technologies, maximize learning outcomes of the students, and ensure maximum success in English language teaching.


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