Interactive English Learning Optimizes Teaching with Technology

English Discoveries, the interactive English Learning platform for maximum performance
Imagine trying to learn a foreign language on your own, without a teacher or technology to help you. Imagine how you would struggle with spelling, pronunciation, the intricacies of grammar and the mystery of idiomatic words and phrases that sound peculiar in translation.  Fortunately, thanks to Edusoft and its interactive English learning platform, ENGLISH DISCOVERIES, no one needs to learn English in a linguistic vacuum. Technology has expanded to the point where it can be an integral feature of the instruction that needs to accompany successful English language teaching. This has been a remarkable advance in education as we reap the benefits of the way that technology has transformed communication.

Teachers and students interact with English Discoveries
By creating an English language platform that provides the tools that instructors need, Edusoft has empowered teachers to fully interact with students to promote learning. Interactive learning that allows teachers to connect with their students, assess their progress, and develop a learning plan that meets student needs. Teachers use the reports they receive to gauge the class level of understanding as a whole, while also finding out which students are moving ahead faster and which need more time and help. The format is easy to use for teachers, which makes the platform the most effective English training program available.

Why English Discoveries is superior for interactive English learning
With its automated self-study modules for writing and speaking, the instantaneous feedback optimizes productivity. This, in turn, minimizes the problem of resource allocation and maximizes the opportunity to reach established goals. English Discoveries leverages benchmark evaluation and certification tools that have been developed by Educational Testing Services (ETS), the world’s largest and most prominent private educational assessment and research organization.

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