Assessment for Learning Measures Progress

Assessment for Learning is the Foundation for Language Study 

No matter what field a student is pursuing, learning starts at the beginning. Once the foundation is firmly established, a student can move on to the next level. Students learn at their own paces and a well-developed learning platform allows for this individualized method of mastering a subject. If a student is rushed into a higher level before successfully learning the beginning stage, the entire foundation of the instruction is flawed. Edusoft, with a talented team of experts, understands that assessment for learning, which demonstrates the progress that a student is making at each step, is vital for successfully accomplishing the task. The feedback that teachers receive from our learning platform is what allows a student to progress at his or her own pace, conquering a subject in stages.

English Discoveries Provides Assessment for Learning Feedback
With summative and formative tests that are automatically scored, English Discoveries provides the building blocks for a solid foundation of instruction. Instant feedback enables teachers to pinpoint the advances of their students in the subject matter thanks to the platform’s results-driven tools. Instructors welcome the opportunity to concentrate their energies on planning their lessons and personalizing their interaction with their students. How a student with the previous lesson did tells the teacher how the student will do with the next learning stage.

The Experts Behind the Development of an Assessment for Learning Program
Edusoft understands that in order for a program to be a success, it must be developed by experts who know their subject matter. As a subsidiary of ETS, which is the world’s largest private educational assessment and research organization, Edusoft is built upon a foundation of expertise. Our staff is made up of pedagogical consultants, technical experts and account managers. In their capable hands, the project management, reporting analysis, and support services deliver a superior level of customer satisfaction. Through our high-performing assessment for learning techniques, language  students and teachers can both count on a complete instructional package that comes with hands-on help.

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