How to Learn English with Edusoft’s Team of Experts

Edusoft can teach you how to learn English
In order to have the expertise that’s necessary to deliver quality language instruction, the learning platform must represent the highest level of skill in that field. People who are interested in how to learn English are looking for a program that will prove to be a satisfactory return on investment for their time.  They’re seeking professional experts who will provide an instructional platform that makes efficient use of all the tools currently available, including technology. They want to be able to gauge their progress so that they know where they are advancing and where they are struggling. They’re looking for Edusoft.

Edusoft and English Discoveries
Teachers and students alike praise English Discoveries, with its 10 CEFR-aligned general English courses that deliver state-of-the-art, video-based speaking and listening activities with automated speech and writing feedback. Edusoft knows how to get the most out of interactive technology so that students can build their confidence as they progress through standard, advanced, or elite-level requirements. Interactive learning is a stimulating method for engaging students as they discover how to learn English at their own pace.

Edusoft, the experts in how to learn English
Edusoft President and CEO Rafi Moran is the leader of a team of experts committed to ensuring that the company will deliver and develop educational solutions that are built on the collective knowledge of the Edusoft team. Since becoming CEO, Moran has guided the Edusoft into consistent growth that has seen the company evolve into a major player in the field of technology-based solutions for English language learning. With proven management excellence and the expertise of international specialists in education, technology, product development and project management, the Edusoft team has been collaborating for more than a decade. Together, our experts bring their fifty years of combined experience in technological and educational industries to every student who relies on us to show them how to learn English.

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